Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 25 the start of something new!

Tonight was my first official night of being an MBA student. A University of Phoenix advisor walked me through posting and the different areas I could share my abundant knowledge. It took about an hour and I was off and away. I submitted my BIO and answered DQ1 which is “Discussion Question One”. The question tonight was…..” Did I have any questions about the MBA program? “ Nope…..but I can not answer “nope” because I am now a graduate level student. So I responded with,

“I am very excited to be taking my MBA program online. My goal is to become an Internet Marketing Director for a large organization, so I guess it would make sense that I would take my course work online. I am on the computer constantly at work and home so I believe this should be the perfect fit. I don't have any questions currently and if I did I would probably research around the site to find my answers. I seem to learn best that way.”

Somewhere I hear Mrs. Miller my 4th grade teacher telling me to answer in full and complete sentences. I also responded to two students’ posts. The assignment was designed to get everyone use to using the system….I guess mental warm up is good.
Completed my first night of homework! Only two more years to go! lol