Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 25 the start of something new!

Tonight was my first official night of being an MBA student. A University of Phoenix advisor walked me through posting and the different areas I could share my abundant knowledge. It took about an hour and I was off and away. I submitted my BIO and answered DQ1 which is “Discussion Question One”. The question tonight was…..” Did I have any questions about the MBA program? “ Nope…..but I can not answer “nope” because I am now a graduate level student. So I responded with,

“I am very excited to be taking my MBA program online. My goal is to become an Internet Marketing Director for a large organization, so I guess it would make sense that I would take my course work online. I am on the computer constantly at work and home so I believe this should be the perfect fit. I don't have any questions currently and if I did I would probably research around the site to find my answers. I seem to learn best that way.”

Somewhere I hear Mrs. Miller my 4th grade teacher telling me to answer in full and complete sentences. I also responded to two students’ posts. The assignment was designed to get everyone use to using the system….I guess mental warm up is good.

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