Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Argument for Attainment of My MBA

Acquiring My MBA
It is important for me to complete my Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. One of my life mantras is to keep moving forward in all that I do. When I sense I might be stagnant, that is the time I do something to make sure that I change a part of my life that will propel mine and my family’s life forward. So here I am at 38 years old starting my MBA. There are many reason that I believe that I will be very successful in the MBA program at the University of Phoenix.
I enjoy change. I grew up in New York as a child, moved to California as a teen, and lived in Utah for two years early in my marriage. I like the change of scenery. I like to experience a little bit of everything so a change of career is not a shock to anyone who knows me. When I started my career shift, I knew that additional education would need to be a vital part of the transition and an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing would be a degree that I would require. Finally, I enjoy the change of perception that people have of me when I tell them when I am going to school to acquire my MBA. Friends and family have a different perception than when I told people I was working on my Elementary School Teaching Credential. These changes keep me motivated to pursue my goal of an MBA degree.
I enjoy learning. I have always loved to learn. As a child I would read non-fiction books on animals, people, places and things. As I grew I found that I did not enjoy reading unless I grew from the experience I did not want to fill my head with silly stories that took up space I could be using for something that would let me grow in knowledge. My Apple Itouch became my “learning central” in the past year. I discovered podcasts. I listen to at least three to four of them a day. Sales training, public speaking, internet marketing, business management, project management and the occasionally Chinese language class play constantly in the background as I work throughout the day. Choosing to acquire my MBA online was just another way for me continuing learning with the structure of school and the geographic freedom of the internet. My love of learning makes the additional time of reading and writing throughout the week for my MBA a positive part of the process.
I have always wanted a Masters Degree. I remember sitting at my graduation from California State University of Long Beach when receiving my Bachelors Degree and watching the Graduate students receive their degrees. I knew I would someday return to school and get a Masters Degree. At that point I was not sure what I would want to receive my Masters in, but I knew I would. Career came, Marriage came, Children came, and the desire stayed the same, I wanted to receive my Masters Degree. After completing my Jungian personality test I found it supported my decision to acquire my Masters of Business Administration.
” ENTJ: Assertive and outspoken-they are driven to lead. Excellent ability to understand difficult organizational problems and create solid solutions. Intelligent and well-informed, they usually excel at public speaking. They value knowledge and competence, and usually have little patience with inefficiency or disorganization.” (Chauhan & Chauhan, 2001)
My educational desire to obtain a Masters Degree keeps me focused on my goal.
I love marketing. I have always loved marketing. In high school I loved writing Press Releases for my high school clubs. In college I was Public Relations Director for my sorority Alpha Omicron Pi for 4 years. It would have been nearly impossible to have gone to California State University Long Beach in the early nineties and not to have known that Alpha Omicron Pi was a club on campus. Even when I started teaching I marketed learning to my students. Finally, when I changed careers and became an Online Marketing Director I knew I found what I wanted to do. I love marketing and want to continue to pursue this career vigorously.

I would like to make more money. Teaching is secure, but the pay can be considered less than stellar. The average person holding an MBA degree makes $104,891.00 (Median Salary MBA, 2008) and the average school teacher makes $55,987 (Median Salary K-12, 2008). Over the next 25 years that affects my household income by $48,904 annually. This change of income makes a substantial difference in my children’s college fund, my retirement, and life in general. This additional income may also let me express my entrepreneurial spirit and allow me to create my own business in the future. The increase in income is definitely a motivating factor for attaining my MBA.
It is important for me to complete my Masters of Business Administration with an Emphasis in marketing. I believe the evidence supports that I have considered my acquisition of a Masters of Business Administration seriously. I believe that for the next two years I will remain incredibly motivated to reach my goal.

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