Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5 Hints: Social Media for Wineries by MaryEllen Gibson

This morning I met with my favorite winery in Southern California. They are working on growing their Social Media. I must admit that social media is a perfect marketing tool for them because their clients want to know more about them and Facebook and Twitter is the perfect way for them to share their information.

Here are my 5 best hints for Social Media for Wineries:

1. Start a Twitter account and send out 3 tweets a day. Share information about the grapevines, tasting room, upcoming events, and life at the winery.

2. Start a Facebook . Create a Profile, Group and Page. Upload pictures regularly and to save time set up your Twitter to update your Facebook status with your Twitter.

3. Have a Blog on your website. Blog at least twice a week. It does not need to be the polished copy that you have on your website. Make it fun , playful, and welcoming. Visitors will feel like they know you before they even get to your winery.

4. Include your social media links on your website. Let your website visitors know they can find you on Social Media sites. Use familiar icons that guest will recognize.

5. If you are too afraid to start, find someone to help you.You needed to have social media outlets yesterday. Find a social media specialist. Ask to see their social media outlets. Everyone will tell you they are a specialist ask to see their work.

Is there more to social media for wineries? Yes, a lot more but I would suggest starting with Twitter, Facebook, and a blog. Be consistent. It is not enough to have an account, be sure to update your status at least three times a day and blog at least twice a week. The search engines will love you and so will your visitors. Start Today!

MaryEllen Gibson is an Internet Marketing Director that has had a passion for social media before it had that fancy term. MaryEllen works with her clients to have a conversation with their clients using social media venues. If you would like to ask her a question maryellengibson@gmail.com

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