Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is there any truth behind the training paradox? Explain why or why not and use examples for your rationale.

Training Paradox : Increasing an individual’s employability outside the company simultaneously increases his or her job security and desire to stay with current employer.

Many businesses decide not to train their workforce because they feel offering additional training to their employees will cause them be more employable to competitors. This can detrimental though to their company because employees will not be cutting edge or offering the “best in the business”. Employees may take employability into their own hands by keeping their skills updated and varied so they are able to work for anyone. As employees improve their employability they also become more valuable to their current employer, if their current company values skilled motivated employees. To motivated employees that keep their skills sharp money may entice them to work with a company, but the opportunity to continue to grow and learn will keep a motivated worker. I believe a highly trained workforce allows workers to feel confident about their skills and knowledge. This moves the corporate culture to that of a confident company. This culture grows and attracts other workers that crave a confident work environment.

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