Monday, February 9, 2009

Sales Leadership Training Program

MEMO TO: Senior Management Team
FROM: MaryEllen Gibson
DATE: February 9, 2009
RE: Training

Training and Mentoring Program for EnviroTech Train the Trainer Sales Program

Leadership Team Members:

Jim Martin, Vice President of Sales
Shane Huck, Sales Manager
Tom Gonzalez, Sales Manager
Susan Burnt, Sales Customer Manager
Ving Hsu, Product Educator Manager

The new training and mentoring needs:

The new leadership team will be responsible for the training needs of the sales team, for this reason it is important that the sales leadership team is educated in training and mentoring techniques. The team needs to be fluent in creating their Workplace Training Program for the sales team. A training needs assessment was given to all members of the leadership team to find out their common areas of concerns. These concerns have been incorporated into the program. There has also been a company wide analysis for determining the needs the training can fulfill:
• Organization analysis: will focus on identifying where within the EnviroTech Leadership Team training is needed.
• Demographic analysis: will be helpful in determining the special needs of a particular group within the leadership team, such as workers over 40, women, or managers at different levels. These needs will be specified at the organizational level, the business-unit level, and the individual level.
• Operations analysis: will attempt to identify the content of training—what the sales leadership team must do in order to perform competently.
• Individual analysis: will determine how well each sales member is performing the tasks that make up his or her job.

Objectives of the training and mentoring program

• The leadership team will learn to create a needs assessment for the sales team. The leadership team will be responsible for completing a needs assessment before the completion of the training program.
• The leadership team will develop strong objectives for sales training program. All objectives must be written as terminal or enabling objectives. Terminal objectives will specify what workers are required to accomplish by the end of the training. Enabling objectives will specify what workers are required to accomplish at any point in the course after receiving appropriate training.

• The leadership team will implement specific performance standards for members of the sales team.
• The leadership team will prepare multiply delivery methods for the sales training program.
• The leadership team will construct content for training and mentoring sales program according the needs addresses in company wide needs analysis.
• The leadership team will organize a time frame for the training of all sales associates in the sales department.
• The leadership team will articulate evaluation methods that will be used for the sales associates in the sales team.
• The leadership team will analyze feedback given by senior management , sales leadership team , and sales associates
• The leadership team will evaluate alternate avenues for those who need further development in the sales team.

Performance standards

Performance standards present the members of the sales leadership team with precise performance expectations for each chief responsibility. Performance standards are the recognizable behaviors and procedures which clarify how the situation is to be completed, plus the outcome that is anticipated for reasonable job performance. They tell the worker what a high-quality exercise looks like. The rationale of performance standards is to communicate expectations. EnviroTech requires performance standards to be as specific as possible. The leadership team will be expected to exceed all performance standards during training and throughout the creation of the training process. Performance Standards will address the following areas:

• Job Knowledge
• Work Product
• Customer Service
• Supervision
• Adaptability
• Dependability
• Team Work
• Integrity
• Mandatory Compliance
• Transformational Leadership

These standards will be reviewed as outstanding, meets standard, or requires improvement. If any member of the leadership team receives a score of requires improvement this member will need to improve performance in no more than three months to continue to be part of the leadership team. Members than receive consistent scores of outstanding will be recognized by the senior management team for their commitment to excellence.

Delivery methods

The training program will be delivered with seven different methods:

• Lecture
• Demonstration
• One-on-one tutorial
• Team role playing
• Team projects
• On the job training
• E-learning

The first series of trainings will be offered in five consecutive days (one work week) and then one afternoon a week for the first five months with once a month trainings following for the following seven months. This year long lecture program is mandatory for the leadership team. Lectures will be offered in a classroom setting. During the designated lecture times the leadership team will be presented with demonstrations, one-on-one tutorials, team role playing, and team projects. E-learning assignments will be on an individual basis and follow a weekly schedule. On the job training will begin when the sales associate training and mentoring program begins. The sales leadership team will be given feedback after each sales associate training.

Content for training and mentoring

The content for Train the Trainer will consist of how to create an in-house training program. The parts will consist of:

• The new training and mentoring needs
• Objectives of the training and mentoring program
• Performance standards
• Delivery methods
• Content for training and mentoring
• Time-frame
• Evaluation methods
• Feedback
• Alternate avenues for those who need further development

The leadership team will be expected to create this program with an expanding sales team in mind. The program must be able to work as well with 5 participants as 25. The program will incorporate the use of goal setting, behavior modeling, practice, and feedback.


This training program is one year. The majority of the training will be done in the first three months with the following months being used to make sure that the program progresses adequately. In the first three months the leadership sales team will be expected to create the in house sales team training and mentoring program. The training for the sales associates will begin in the sixth month of the leadership teams training. This will allow the trainer for the leadership team to evaluate the progress of the leadership team’s training skills. This on the job training will be beneficial for all members of the evaluation team to give rapid feedback in the success of the program. The sales associate team training will consist of weekly training for six months.

Evaluation methods

The leadership team will be evaluated through the use of performance evaluation forms. These will be completed by the senior management team (evaluation team) quarterly throughout the training. In addition, the leadership team will be evaluated by the senior management team (evaluation team) in their completion of the sales team training and mentoring program. This will be done through feedback after training sessions for the sales associates. Sales associates will also complete an evaluation after each training session using the Kirkpatrick levels.

1. Reaction - What does the learner feel about the training?
2. Learning - What facts, knowledge, etc., did the learner gain?
3. Behaviors - What skills did the learner develop, that is, what new information is the learner using on the job?
4. Results or effectiveness - What results occurred, that is, did the learner apply the new skills to the necessary tasks in the organization and, if so, what results were achieved?


EnviroTech will be supplying feedback as soon as possible, to make the greatest impact on the sales leadership team. This means reviews of daily progress on the sales team training and mentoring program will be done nightly by the senior management team at Envirotech. This feedback can be expected to be both positive and negative in nature and will be reviewed by all leadership supervisors.

Alternate avenues for those who need further development

There will be the need for further development for all members of the leadership team because of the varied job descriptions for each member. Each member will also be attending outsourced trainings provided by various vendors to meet the varied training needs of each member. This will allow for each member to feel confident in his or her job title and description. These trainings may not be schedules during the first three months of the team training program.


In conclusion, the senior management team will be the evaluating body of this training and mentoring program. There will be a one week long training for all senior management in the evaluating of training management. This will assist the senior management team in creating performance standards for the leadership team.


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