Sunday, February 8, 2009

What are the similarities and differences between training a team and training an individual? Provide examples from your experience.

Many times training is discussed as an individual endeavor, but team performance is becoming more imperative in the workplace hence training teams together has become more popular. A team is a group of individuals training as a group toward a common outcome. It is important to have a strong goal for all members to identify with during the training process.
Team training requires:
1. Analysis
2. Objectives
3. Exercises and training based on objectives
4. Measures of team effectiveness
A team’s performance strongly depends on the individual expertise of its members, so individual training is a strong component of the team training, but team interactions must be addressed. This team interaction is what team training unique. These interactions can be practiced in real life situations and role playing. This will allow the strong training of both team and individual.

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