Sunday, February 1, 2009

Which do you consider more valuable, external or internal recruitment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Explain. In your own company, where do you think the recruitment process should focus? Why?

When it comes to deciding which recruitment tool is more valuable external or internal recruitment I would have to say it depends on the position. Internal recruitment allows employers to reward employees by offering promotions and job advancement. Internal recruitment also allows the employers to have information regarding the employees’ attendance, work habits, and skill base on record. External recruitment allows departments to grow by bringing in new ideas and experience from other companies. Many times departments need “fresh blood” to motivate and explore new business plans. In my previous company a majority of the positions were filled externally. The bank was trying to hire much of the talent that was being released from bank layoffs. They hired many SBA Business Development Officers from Lehmann Brothers when they closed their lending. These BDOs were hired for three months only to be released when my bank closed its SBA department. I think hiring decisions need to be made on a position by position decision.

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